What’s In The App

An App Is Better Than A Website

A recent survey showed that parents have started preferring mobile apps instead of using browsers to get information about their children’s schools. With an app, your school can communicate all the relevant information, like daily diary, test results, important notices, attendance and time table etc. to parents seamlessly.

Connecting Schools and Parents

The best schools in the world are those which are seamlessly connected to parents. We provide a free app for you which allows you to connect with parents without any hassle.

Customized For You

We understand that one size doesn’t fit all so we have made our product with utmost flexibility so we could customize the app for you. The format test results or even the kind of test results (eg, weekly tests, monthly tests, mid term exams etc) will be customizable according to your school’s preference.

How it Works

Let Us Handle It

Once your school confirms that they want to start using our product, we will send a team of consultants who will understand your school’s processes and collect all the required information. This whole process should not take more than 3 hours.

Data Sharing model

Once we have understood the processes at your school, our consultants will suggest the best ways for you share data with us so we could keep the content on app as fresh as possible.

Our App Developers Will Do The Rest

Once we have all the information required, our world class app developers will do their magic and publish your app on App Store and Play Store after you have reviewed and approved it.

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